Friday, June 17, 2011

I realize...

...I haven't been around in a week. And that's because I, literally, haven't been around in a week! I have been so busy, and was not even home from Saturday to Wednesday. We celebrated Pat's graduation with a big party at my parents' house on Saturday and, from there, I headed to NYC to stay with James and Meg while I participated in some training for my internship which begins in the fall. Coming home Wednesday only meant WORK--I worked all day Thursday and I'm babysitting again all day today--yes, I am able to babysit and blog at the same time--it's called "let's watch a movie on a rainy day"!

I don't want to just recap my past few days. The party was great. The training was informative, and work has been work. I am gearing up for starting full time with the C's next Friday--that will be exhaustion. The good thing about working full time again, however, is the consistent money I'll be making. I didn't totally appreciate that last summer as I had just quit my teaching job and still felt like I had lots of money. Now, a year later, funds are running low and I'm realizing that I truly only have enough to get me through this academic year (ie. I better find a job right away next May!).

But hey, I have embraced simple living, and I love it. I keep track of every penny I spend, no so much because I have a set budget, but just so that I can see where my money is going. For example, when I look at my monthly ledger and see that I went overboard on clothes, I know that I should not spend money on clothes for the upcoming month. Sidenote: I am proud to report that I have a zero in my clothes column. Okay, almost a zero, since I bought a bathing suit the other night and have not put it in yet. But, that's beside the point! My monthly ledger keeps me honest about how I am spending money and gives me goals for cutting back where needed.

So, where did I start this post again? I swear--I get so distracted by myself! I don't really have much purpose today...just didn't want you to think I'd disappeared. I'll leave you with this touching PSA from the Animal Humane Society. It makes me want to take home every stray cat I possibly can, but for now my one adopted baby will do.

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