Thursday, March 31, 2011

I swear, I am NOT a cat lady!

I just ordered this adorable print from Etsy shop collageOrama

They print original work onto old dictionary pages that would have been thrown away. Not only does that add such a cool flair to the art, but it is a great way to save something from our landfills! This print was only $6.99 (just under $10 with s/h), so once I buy a frame for it, it will be a $15-20 piece of art. Actually, speaking of frames, I might have one laying around already! At any rate, isn't this kitty so cute? He reminds me of Cuddles when she looks at me like, "Hello, I'm here. Pay attention to me!"
Can't you see the resemblance? Well, maybe not exactly, but close enough!!

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