Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunday Thanks: Creative Outlets

I've been feeling a little stifled creatively lately. Not that I'm an overly creative person, but I enjoy opportunities to work with my hands and make something that I am proud of. So, this Sunday I am thankful for opportunities for creativity--creative outlets.

James and I went to Lowes yesterday with the purpose of grabbing a bag of potting soil so that I could re-pot some of my plants. When we got there, however, I couldn't stop looking at the amazing selection of succulents! They had so many different types and sizes--I decided to go ahead and get a few to put together in a little succulent garden. I even had a dish in mind that belonged to my Grandma and somehow ended up in my possession. I don't think the bowl has any huge significance, but I have held onto it because of where it came from. I don't know what my Grandma used it for--probably for serving food--but I hadn't found any good use for it yet. Until now...

 Something this lovely obviously belongs on the back of my toilet...I like that it makes my bathroom feel a little bit exotic.
 What's better than succulents? Succulents that flower!
I stole rocks from the garden outside my apartment building for drainage and decorative purposes. Pretty proud of that creative thinking!

After putting together my little bowl garden, I had leftovers. What to do? Put them in a green glass goblet (say that three times fast), of course...
 New home: kitchen windowsill
I've had this goblet for a long time, and never found much use for it either, but held onto it out of my love for green (or any color) glass.

And so, my friends, today I am thankful for opportunities to express myself creatively. I had a lot of fun planting, and now I get to enjoy my creations every day!

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