Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thursday 13: Romantic Dates

Oo la we are linking up with Miranda, talking about romantic dates. I don't know that I have been on too many super romantic dates with all those stereotypical symbols of romance, but I'm going to share some of my favorite dates or types of dates that James and I have shared together.

1. Our first date--because it was a semi-blind date (we met online), we met at a bookstore. We ended up spending a good chunk of time in the children's section reading silly books to each other (which I later bought him for Christmas). Then we had dinner together. This is still something we like to do together--just poke around a bookstore and then get something tasty to eat!

2. Walking on the beach. James and I vacationed on the Massachusetts coast two years ago (wow!) and it was nice just to walk on the beach.

3. Learning something new. James and I are all about having new experiences, so we go to lectures, museums, film screenings...whatever it may be...that is something new to us.

4. Hiking. I find the time outside so peaceful and it always seems to bring us closer together.

 5. A day in Saratoga. I think we've only done this one or two times, but it has always been romantic. Sometimes we check out the track, or walk around town, or picnic in the park; whatever we're doing, we have a good time.

6. Spontaneous adventures. I love when James says, "Let's go to (fill in the blank) today." Our best spontaneous trip was to Lake George last summer. We went all out--eating all sorts of tasty food, shopping, taking a boat ride, watching the fireworks, and swimming at the beach.

 7. Taking a walk and going for ice cream. Our favorite thing to do, hands down. We have a park that we love to walk at, and it is right next to an ice cream shop. Walking makes us feel a bit better about pigging out on sundaes!

8. Going for a drive. James and I have great conversations in the car, and these are not necessarily romantic, but they make me feel so close to him. We usually talk about our future, things that are troubling us and, ultimately, how much we love each other. Then I snuggle up with my head on his shoulder while he drives us home.

9. Movie nights on the couch. I mean, who doesn't love to just snuggle up at home?

10. Going to church together. No, it's not a "date," but it is such special time that we share together.

11. Concerts. We've only been to one big concert together, but it was really special. We sat in the rain and got soaked, but we danced together to our favorite songs. This concert, it was Elton John, even inspired our wedding song!

Oh, I love that dumb face!

12. A trip to NYC. We go to New York often because my brother and sister-in-law live there, but last year we decided to take a trip down and be real tourists. We stayed in a hotel right off of Times Square, saw a Broadway show, and went shopping and sight-seeing. It was special for me (I know the city pretty well) to see James enjoying some of his NYC firsts:)

13. Picking out our Christmas tree. This was our first year finding a tree together, and it was incredibly special and romantic. I look forward to sharing this tradition with James for years and years to come!

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Jamie said...

Great list! My hubby and I met online as well :) So our first date was a semi-blind date!

Most of our dates were just us driving around talking. I miss that :)

<3 Jamie

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