Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thursday 13: Family

How has a week gone by so quickly!? I guess that's what starting a new job will do to you! Even with a long weekend, I haven't seemed to have enough time this week to get things done--and that includes blogging!

But, alas, here we are at another Thursday 13, and this week's theme is family. I love my family--they are the best. I've written about them a lot throughout my blog. But this week, since I am a little low on time and energy, my list is going to be 13 things that my family and I like to do together. And so...

1. We ski.

2. We go to church.

3. We hike.

4.We laugh.

5. We play dominoes.

6. We sit on the porch and chat.

7. We drink wine.

8. We talk--a lot.

9. We eat.

10. We argue.

11.We hug.

12. We kiss.

13. We accept each other.


Annelise @ Aunie Sauce said...

dominoes! i wanna playyy! sounds fun.

this is my FAVORITE t13 link-up yet. i had wayyy too much to say! It could have been a thursday 300 and I would have been able to keep going :)

mommyd said...

I can't believe you forgot naps!!! And cuddling on the couch!

Jamie said...

<3 Family

There really is no better thing :)

<3 Jamie

momnextdoor said...

Where have you been my friend? I miss your posts! Hope all is well!

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