Monday, May 21, 2012

A letter to my younger self

I almost forgot that I decided last week that I would link up with Jessica today for her link-up series "Smell the Roses." This week, participants are to write a letter to their younger selves--this could not have come at a better time. And so...

Dear Jennifer,

 I know you are reading this with an attitude--you don't want to listen to some 26-year-old who thinks she has it all together and wants to share her wisdom with you. You have all the answers already, don't you? 

You're right, you are a smart girl, and you should always trust your gut. But, let people in and let them love you. You'll be surprised at what a mush you turn into the older you get. 

I know sometimes you feel lost and unappreciated. I promise you that the people you think least appreciate you now are going to be the ones who most need you and admire you later. 

Keep marching to the beat of your own drum. You are confident, smart and beautiful--you deserve to feel that way every day. Know that every taunt you here and every person who tries to tell you that you are wrong is only going to make you more empathetic and understanding of the marginalized and misunderstood around you.

Believe that you deserve to be loved. I know you've been hurt. I promise that these feelings will pass (even though it feels like they never will) and you will end up in a better place with a better partner by your side.


You have excellent intuition. Trust it. Always. It has not lead you astray yet, and I am confident that it will only continue to serve you well.

Don't doubt God. I know you worry. I know how hard it is to trust Him at all times. But, you've been shown His great mercy so many times. Start to believe that He will always provide, and live in that peace.

Be persistent in building the relationships that are important to you, and recognize the ones that are not good for you. Do not feel guilty about doing something that is right for you, even if it may hurt another person's feelings for the time. You will both grow and learn from the experience.

Be open to new experiences. Don't try to control everything. You can't. 

Cherish your family. Be aware of and thankful for the blessings of health, happiness, freedom and comfort that you, and they, experience.

Give what you can. Sometimes, give more than you can. It will be returned to you when you need it most. 

Believe that, someday, you will look back on all of this and know that you were always right where you were supposed to be. Do not regret. Learn. Grow. Gain knowledge. Seek wisdom. Sow love. 


Lovely Little Things


thecoffeehouse said...

'believe that you deserve to be loved' ... helllllo my life in a nutshell. :) that is easier said than done but oh so important to try to remember every single day. love it.

Jessica @ Lovely Little Things said...

Thank you so much for linking up, girl :)
I ADORE the first picture...too, too cute!

And this is my favorite part of your letter, "Keep marching to the beat of your own drum. You are confident, smart and beautiful--you deserve to feel that way every day." Awesome!


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