Thursday, December 8, 2011

More Decor!

Our Christmas decorating is pretty much complete. In a small apartment, I didn't want to go overboard, but we have a nice selection of holiday decor in just about every room. Here are a few pictures of what's around our house this season:

 Santa has arrived! Cuddles just loves wearing her Santa hat--can't you tell!?

 Of course, another picture of the tree--this time with presents underneath.

 Votive holders I received from my roommate last year:)

 James' mom always has festive napkins out for every season--that inspired me to do the same here at our house!

 A wreath I bought last year hangs over our dining room table.

 This was James' early Christmas present so he could have it out for the entire season. 

 My Nativity set--I found it an a garage sale a few years ago--it is from Honduras and made out of terracotta.

 When I was little, we always waited until Christmas Eve to put Jesus in the manger. As you can see, this manger also awaits the birth of Christ!

 Another early Christmas present for James--old-fashioned Santa for his movie room. And jingle bells hanging from his DVD shelf.

When James and I first started dating over two years ago, we watched Rudolph the first weekend he came to visit me. Last year I got these guys for Christmas:)

Unfortunately, I am home sick today. I've been fighting a cold since last weekend and I don't want to be sick for my upcoming trip to NYC. So, I'm eating soup and drinking o.j. and staying in my pajamas for a little while longer...

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momnextdoor said...

You are all sorts of decked out! I was proud of myself for getting one room decorated! :-)

Have fun in NYC! Our trip was great! I hope you get to St. Patrick's Cathedral! That was the best! It's so beautiful and it's all decked out for Christmas. (And look closely at the Nativity set. The Monsignor put a dog in the creche this year. He has a lab and visited Italy a last year and the church in Italy had a dog in theirs so he decided to do it too. - Just a little fun fact.)

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