Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Who loves Christmas?

We do! James and I have gotten the Christmas bug, and we are all about decorating!

We had decided a while ago to get our REAL tree this Saturday, which was traditionally the weekend that my family went to cut down a tree when I was growing up. But, James also has a fake Christmas tree that he had set up in his apartment the past few years. We hadn't decided whether we would set it up this year, but the decision was apparently made without me because I came home yesterday and there it was, set up in the corner of our dining room!
James got all new green, red and gold bulbs specifically for this tree so that all of our other random assortment of ornaments can go on our big tree. I decided that it needed lights, so I went out today to get a few strings of white lights. I added them this afternoon, and I think it turned out quite nice! I am currently sitting at our dining room table basking in the glow that this lovely little tree provides.

While out, I also picked up a few other items to finish off some decorations for the house. I couldn't resist putting some of them together today when I got home from class.

 This trio is on our dining room sideboard (which is really just an old dresser). I love the idea of mixing silver and gold with the traditional colors of Christmas.

 This centerpiece is on our dining room table. Props to my mom for figuring out a creative way to use these ceramic globes from Christmas Tree Shops. This entire thing cost me about $8!

Another symbol of the season--candy canes! I love seeing what I can put in my collection of glass jars.

On Saturday, we will finish up all of our decorating, which will mostly consist of putting up and decorating our tree, as well as finding a place for my Nativity set. More pictures to come, but in the meantime, I hope this puts you in the holiday spirit!


Cozy in Texas said...


Jennifer said...

Thank you, Ann!

momnextdoor said...

I think I need to invest in glass jars! I love your ideas!!

Jennifer said...

Don't invest in anything! Most of my jars are from spaghetti sauce, jam, and other food products! I take the labels off, wash them out, and reuse!

Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

adore everything christmas and all of these decorations!! yay for christmas spirit ;)
xo TJ

Kristy said...

so pretty!

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