Monday, October 10, 2011

Cuddles, the Moocher

I went downstairs a few night ago to let Cuddles in. As I opened the door to the outside, she guiltily ran past me and upstairs. But she wasn't coming from under a car or the back steps--she had been inside my neighbors' porch...drinking a nice bowl of milk!
 When Cuddles wants to come in, she sits on the back steps and cries a bit to get our attention. Sometimes we hear her, but most of the time we don't because we live on the second floor of our building. This being said, we don't leave her out for crazy long periods of time...except when she goes out at night. The girls who live downstairs thought she was a stray, so every once in a while they let her in their back porch and feed her. And of course, my little scared-y-cat puts on the charm and loves them right up, getting exactly what she wants!

We had a good laugh about our little moocher--gotta keep a better eye on that one!

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