Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday Thanks: Honesty

I'm a big fan of honesty, and I pride myself on being a pretty honest person. Today, James reminded me of how simple honesty can be and how it plays such a big role in our relationship and our ability to stay consistently in love and best friends.

I was washing the dishes and I started thinking about baby names. Now, James and I talk about baby names all the time, and we (and by we I mean James) have already picked out the names of our first baby boy and first baby girl. But, I was thinking about other names today and one of the ones I like was Decklan. I shouted from the kitchen, "What do you think of the name Decklan?"

"Nope," came his response.

"Why not? I sort of like it."

"What's there to like?"

That's my James.

It sounds like a simple story, but to me it's a great way to sum up the way that we interact with each other and the comfort we feel in being honest with each other. I can tell you for a fact that if a past boyfriend had said that to me I would not have been happy. But with James, eh, I know he's just telling me the truth. We don't sugarcoat anything just to make the other person feel happy. We are honest with each other so that we are deeply satisfied, knowing that the other always has our back and our infinite happiness in mind.

And you know what, upon further thought, I don't really like the name Decklan that much anyway...and James probably knew that too.

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