Thursday, October 13, 2011

"It's Ok" Thursday

I'm linking up with Neely today for "It's Ok" Thursday. I like this little exercise as a good way to get my random thoughts for the week out and about.

So, it's ok... still not understand Medicaid and Medicare after almost two months of interning.
...that the pile of papers on my desk just keeps growing.
...that I went to DiBella's to pick up dinner tonight with an obviously tear-stained face.
...that's everything's not always ok.
...that I came home from work and got right in bed instead of making dinner and prepping chili for tomorrow night's dinner. go to bed without working on homework--what doesn't happen today might get done tomorrow.
...that I sound sort of down, because I sort of am--when can my life be a little less stressful again? Come on graduation day!
...that I forgot what scholarship I was receiving today at the Scholarship Luncheon and might have said the wrong one when I introduced myself.
...that tomorrow is Friday and I will be seeing Gabriel (and his lovely parents) on Saturday! say "no" when you need to.
...that I had sort of a funky hair day...I'm learning to use the curling iron instead of the flat-iron...

Sorry for the sort of negative comments for today--it has been a WEEK! Let me tell you! I'm pretty much emotionally and physically drained from school, internships, some personal stuff...But I always have faith that things will improve, and after another good talk with James tonight, I know they will. Thanks for playing "It's Ok" with me:) 

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