Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Day 6: childhood memory

Yesterday, I started my internship for this academic year. I'm starting a bit earlier than the start of the school year because I have to get in an extra 18 days of work (loooong story) in order to meet my Americorps requirements (another long story). Part of my internship hours are being completed at the Department of Social Services with a county program called NY Connects. The other part of my time will be spent at the Independent Living Center of the Hudson Valley in Troy, NY. Both organizations deal with issues of aging, with a focus on helping seniors to "age in place" as opposed to traditional long term care options such as nursing home care and assisted living.

At any rate, both of these locations are accessible by city bus, and it's easier to travel by that method as downtown Albany and the entire city of Troy have awful parking. So, for the past two mornings (and for about a hundred more over the course of the year) I have been packing up my backpack and walking to the bus stop across the street from my apartment to catch the bus--just like when I was a kid.

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Mysterious M said...

Good luck! Hope everything works out for you!

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