Monday, August 15, 2011

Day 5: someone i love

My grandma, Patsy, is and always has been a beautiful woman who I love with all my heart. We have so many fun childhood memories at my Grandma and Grandpa's house in White Plains, NY. Grandma has had Alzheimer's disease for a number of years now, and she has moved from her home to an assisted living facility to a nursing home as the disease has progressed. At this point, she no longer speaks, but she still expresses herself and lets us know that we are loved and our presence is appreciated. My mom sees her almost every day, making sure that she never feels alone or forgotten. Though I wish that she was still able to participate in our lives the way she did when we were younger, I will forever be thankful for her time, patience, laughter, butterfly kisses, care, excitement, lessons, hugs, spaghetti sauce, Easter eggs, card games, beach days, scoldings, overnights, stories, joy, understanding, support and love.

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momnextdoor said...

If I were to write a list about things I'm thankful for with my Grandma it would include a lot of the same things!

(I grew up not very far from White Plains! Random!)

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