Monday, March 28, 2011

Water is good for you, aparment shopping is stressful, and flowers just make everything better!

I have felt crummy all day, but I still decided to go to the gym this afternoon. Yeah, bad idea. I didn't actually vomit, but I felt like I was going to the entire time I was working out with my trainer. She was easy on me (thank God!), but I was hard on myself because I could not believe how weak I felt! Things that should have been easy for me were really hard. I have felt very tired lately--beyond my normal tiredness. I often feel that I would choose sleep over almost any other option, and I'm thinking that's not a good thing. I think I'm going to go to the doctor soon to figure out what's up, but I'm afraid it will be one of those situations where there really isn't an answer. In the meantime, I read an article today talking about women who thought they were sick or depressed but were really just dehydrated. So, I'm going to make a better effort than I have been lately to drink lots and lots of water every day. My red water bottle is my new best friend.

In other news, James and I are looking for an apartment together to move into this summer. It's proven to be a little stressful. We looked at four places on Saturday and I didn't love any of them. So, I ended the day in tears because I was just discouraged and bummed. On Sunday we fell in love with a little gem with a working fireplace, crown molding, beautiful kitchen, and ONE BEDROOM. Bummer. I almost considered selling all of my furniture so we could fit into it but, after talking it over with my sister, I realized that our need for two bedrooms is a non-negotiable. James and I are both moving from our own places that are well-established and we are, admittedly, attached to many of our belongings. Part of me feels really guilty for this--this attachment to stuff, but I have already parred down so much this year and the stuff left over is meaningful to me and difficult to let go of. James is the same way, and I don't want either of us to feel like we are losing part of ourselves in order to make this move work. Yes, we both need to make some sacrifices and compromises, but we don't need to compromise the things in our lives that are important to us and bring us joy. Yes, my antique kitchen table and my grandma's desk bring me JOY! And why shouldn't they?

While this is a stressful, tired time for me, there are a few things that make me happy. One of them is the fresh flowers that I have vowed to keep in my house on a regular basis. I have mentioned before how good fresh cut flowers can make you feel, and I completely stand by that. Here are the flowers (and vases) that I bought last week for my birthday party.

And here are the roses that James bought me for my birthday. Aren't they lovely!?

Unfortunately, the roses bit the dust today and some of the daisies are on their way out. I guess that means I'll just have to pick up some new blooms later this week... :)

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