Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thursday 13: About Me

Thursday 13 is linking up over at All Things Lovely today--check it out and link up, will ya!?

Today's theme is 13 Things About Me. It's funny, I came up with the idea, but I have no idea what to write! I think I'll stick to basics, which will be helpful to you newer readers:)

1. I was born on Long Island, but raised in Connecticut.

Source: via Aida on Pinterest

2. I have three siblings--two brothers and a sister. And I have a lovely sister-in-law. My older brother and sister-in-law are the parents to my cutie-patootie nephew!

3. I attended The College of Saint Rose in Albany, NY for my undergraduate degree in Special Education.

4. In two weeks, I am graduating from University at Albany with my Master of Social Work degree, with a specialization in gerontology.

5. I am engaged to the most amazing man in the whole world (or at least in my world) and we are getting married in September!

6. We have a sweet kitty named Cuddles whom I write about more often than I probably care to admit...

7. I would really like to start my own business at some point.

8. I am Catholic, but probably more liberal than you would expect me to be--people don't understand Catholics these days.

9. My favorite color is green.

10. I really like taking pictures, but sometimes I get too shy to whip out my camera. Blame my lack of daily photos on my shy-ness!

11. I love my parents. A lot. I never really went through one of those "I hate my parents" phases.

12. I am pretty emotional and really intense. At least that's how James would describe me.

13. As of today, I am pretty sure that I am going to be starting an amazing job in a few weeks. Fingers crossed. Yeeeeee!
Source: via Lisa on Pinterest

All Things Lovely

1 comment:

momnextdoor said...

Is that picture of you and James from Oregon?

I have cousins on Long Island and my parents live in CT. Small world. :-)

I like the 13 theme. It's fun!

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