Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Out of the woods!

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers! My mother-in-law is out of the woods and on her way to recovery! The bypass surgery went smoothly and everything looks good. Now, it is time to recover, which will take some time, but I know she will get through it!

We spent the entire day at the hospital yesterday with James' family, kissing Mom good-bye and being there for her when she woke up (though I doubt she will remember that!). It was actually a nice time for all of us to spend together, albeit the circumstances were not ideal!

Not that anyone from the hospital will read this, but I have to give a great big shout out to Champlain Valley Physicians Hospital. They were amazing! They took great care of Mom and us, and I was extremely impressed. Though leaving last night was hard, I felt confident that she is in excellent hands.

I have the week off before starting my new job, so I'll be heading back upstate on Thursday to spend the day with her so James' step-dad can go back to work for a day and know that someone is with her. They are hoping she'll be able to go home Friday--amazing! We are extremely thankful for a successful surgery and I appreciate your continued prayers for her recovery!

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mommyd said...

You are an awesome daughter!!!!

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