Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thursday 13: Spring Wardrobe Must-Haves

Hey everyone! I hope you found Thursday 13 today! Are we confusing you by moving around? :)

Today's theme is "Spring Wardrobe Must-Haves." I'm actually surprised I came up with this theme because, while I like fashion and clothes, I am never really up with the trends. Therefore, my list is probably not very trendy--it is mostly practical. But, these are the things that I consider necessary in my spring wardrobe...

1. A colorful sundress--good for work, church, and hanging out.

2. Bright cardigans--I especially like turquoise because I happen to think it goes with everything!

3. White capris--they brighten up any outfit and, even though you think you'll get them dirty, they stay surprisingly clean! Mine are a sort of denim material, but they are easy to dress up or down.
Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

4. Layering tanks in every color! Under sweaters or sheer shirts, or even to wear to the gym or to bed. I have a million tanks in every color, and I buy a few new ones every spring.
Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

5. A crossover purse--I find I am more active in the spring, so I need a purse that I don't have to think about or worry about falling off my shoulder. (This dress isn't too shabby, either!)
Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

6. Printed skirt--it goes with lots of different colors and is so comfortable! Again, it's a really versatile piece.

7. Comfortable sandals--I know everyone likes to prance around in flip flops, but the reality is, a good pair of sandals will keep you prancing longer! I bought a good pair last spring and lived in them all summer. I think this pair is cute, even if they are practical!
Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

8. Colorful earrings--aren't these pretty? I wish I could buy them! Big, colorful earrings jazz up any outfit.

9. Dark wash skinny jeans--they look good with EVERYTHING! And if you are curvy and looking for a good pair, I recommend Old Navy.

10. Shirts with ruffles--or anything with ruffles, for that matter.
Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

11. Flats! Okay, I know I just talked about practical shoes, but even some flats can be made well. For me, flats are a necessity considering James and I are the same height (and I do not enjoy towering over him).

12. A denim jacket--I need a new one of these...any recommendations?

13. An umbrella, of course! We all know spring can be a little weather-crazy, so be prepared and carry your umbrella every day!

Thanks for checking out Thursday 13, ladies! I hope you'll link up, and grab the button to link back!


Miranda @ All Things Lovely said...

I definitely could use some white capris, dark skinnies and morrrre flats! Great list :) Happy almost Friday!

Chloe Jacqueline said...

Great list!! I live for flats and ruffles! =)

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