Monday, April 2, 2012


I need to start off with a little bragging. I applied for six jobs over the past 24 hours--boo-yah! Applying for jobs is a lot of work. First, you have to actually find them. Do you know how hard it is to find social worker job listings? Hard. Then, you have to write a different cover letter for each position. Yes, you can use the same basic format and some of the same sentences/paragraphs, but you want them to stress different skills based on the position. Then you  have to print everything out, stuff envelopes, use really nice handwriting to address the envelopes, and bring them to the post office to make sure you put enough postage on them--and it's a good thing I checked because they need three stamps, not the two I thought they would! At any rate, I am on a roll, and I'm excited to start hearing back!!! That is to say if I hear back...praying hard for SOMETHING to come through!

We also moved around a bunch of furniture this weekend and we are looking to paint our bedrooms and living room this spring. I should post pictures of the changes, but I haven't taken any yet. So, in the meantime, familiarize yourself with what the apartment looked like when we first moved in. I'll post pictures of the changes tomorrow--I'm loving what we did. Now, I really want to paint the walls and work on some new wall art, some of which we registered for and hope to receive as gifts for our wedding. I should do a whole post about the registering process--wow!

So as to not make this post too word-heavy (or have I already done that?), let me show you some (p)inspiration for paint colors...from Pinterest, of course!

I'm not sure if we should do something neutral in the guest room/office...

..or have fun with some blue!

Thinking about buttery yellow in the living room...

..or maybe something a little deeper.

I'm pretty sure about green walls in the bedroom, paired with the new grey bedding that we are registered for--I love these colors together!

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