Monday, July 18, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Welcome to our home! Hope you enjoy this little tour of our new digs:)
 The kitchen: this is the most counter and cabinet space I have EVER had!

"My porch": We are able to use this addition all year round, and it has become my little creative space to do crafts, tend my plants, and enjoy my colorful things!
 My little chairs need a make-over...maybe once the weather isn't so sticky.
 A housewarming plant from Tabitha, and a Jenn miniature original

 The dining room: I love the indoor windows looking from this room onto the porch

 The living room: I'd like to do more with this room, but it hasn't spoken to me yet. For now it is pretty cozy and gets a wonderful breeze.

 No, Cuddles is not dead, just hot!

 The Movie Room (James' room): A place for all things movies, and our BIG screen a guest room for all you visitors!

 Some pictures I took for James and gave him for his birthday

The bathroom: enough said

Our bedroom: still needs some warming up, but I am loving my new comforter which you are finally getting a look at!

Our individual things came together so nicely in our new space! James and I have a similar sense of style and we like the same colors, so it was fairly easy to make everything work together. We are so happy to finally be together in one place with our little cat. Thanks for taking a peek into our world! Now, come visit!!


Ashley said...

Sweet place dude! Can't wait to visit and see the rest of the mini-easels.


Michal said...

LOVE it. Can's wait to see it in person. 1 1/2 weeks, yeah!!!!

momnextdoor said...

It looks like you've been living there for years. Want to come decorate my house? It's been over two years and I still have unpacked boxes!

Anonymous said...

What a great home! Thanks for posting! Sending you big hugs:) - Meg

Jennifer said...

Thanks, all! Part of the reason it looks like we've been there so long is that I hate to have things "undone," so I was super crazy about getting everything unpacked. I also took some of the pictures strategically so as to avoid the few boxes that we do have of stuff to give away, sell, and find a permanent home for!

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