Sunday, March 18, 2012

30+26=Best Year Ever

Today, James and I turned 30 and 26. Happy birthday to us:) Last night we celebrated with friends and family by hosting an E.T.-themed party, because E.T. turned 30 this year too! And that's the party my boy asked for, so that's what he got! I'll let some pictures and captions tell the tale...

A "Happy Birthday" banner with E.T. movie still pictures

 Only the most well-known scene of the cake form! Made by yours truly.

What do you notice about these cake pops? They are the color of Reese's Pieces--E.T.'s favorite candy! Thank you to my sister, Kaitlin for making this deliciousness:)

 We are blessed that so many of our out of town friends came to celebrate with us. My oldest friend, Becky and her boyfriend Brandon

 My sister, Kaitlin and her boyfriend, Rob

 The life of the party--Alexa darling!

 Birthday girl and birthday boy

James and his cake...Hilda (James' grandma and master cake-maker) will be so proud!

 Murd, showing off a prize from the "Present Game" (more on that in another post)

 Brandon's prize, an Alien Egg--very E.T.-esque

 James won TWICE! I guess it was his lucky day
 Beautiful sissy and me after a successful party!

Cuddles was wiped out from a night of partying, but she got her snuggle on with Kait before she had to go home.

A big THANK YOU to all of our friends and family who made our birthday weekend so special!!! We are loved beyond belief and we are so blessed to have friends who make the time to celebrate with us. 

Today we took a good walk (although I don't think I walked off the 5 cake pops I ate today), and then I took a much-needed nap. James watched some of his new movies this afternoon, and we ended the day with dinner at a local steak house with complimentary dessert (like I needed it!) because the waitress thought it was so cool that we share a birthday! We think it's pretty cool, too :)

Oh, and this post is also serving as my Sunday Thanks--I'm sure you can figure out everything I am feeling thankful for today!

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momnextdoor said...

Belated Happy Birthday to both of you!! And whoa! That cake is AWESOME! So very impressed! Looks like a great party!

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