Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sunday Thanks: Weekends Like This

This weekend was reserved for all things festive! We kicked it off right by making popcorn and cranberry garlands for our tree.
 James is our official popcorn popper!
 Lots of garland!
 Cuddles helped too!

Then, on Saturday, we picked out our very first tree!
 This is it!
 What a man!

 Waiting for a tree stand--the one we originally bought was too small.

The Holy Family ornaments (Joseph got a little cut off..whoops!)

 Pretty garland and ornaments.

 Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree...

Nothing compares to spending weekends like this with the man I love!


ruthy ann said...

the tree looks great!! thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

jenn said...

Wow, you guys are hardcore, with the berry-popcorn garlands! It pays off - your decorations look amazing! : )


momnextdoor said...

Ooooh! Popcorn garland! GREAT idea! We have our tree but haven't decorated it yet so I think we are going to need to do this. However, it does require a trip to the store since I ONLY buy popcorn with butter and somehow I don't think that will be good on the tree.

Your tree is beautiful!!

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