Saturday, August 13, 2011

We're $200 Richer!

Today, James and I had a yard sale with our friends, Tab and Don. We went in with pretty low expectations, but came out with $200 in our pocket!

Most of our stuff was home decor, some electronics, a few articles of clothing, and lots of books, DVDs and CDs. James also had two large boxes of movie posters out, and a few of them went, but not as well as we would have liked.

Toward the end of the day, we were sick of being out there and were also dreading packing everything up into the car to bring to Goodwill, so we made a huge sign that said "FREE STUFF". We had a large blanket and a table with free items and the rest of the stuff we continued to sell. Our sign attracted a lot of people and we made a few more sales, but most importantly, we got rid of a lot of stuff that we then didn't have to move again.

The day ended with a trip to Goodwill to drop off the rest of the really nice stuff, and the miscellaneous "junk" got left on the lawn with the free sign. When we went to pick it up tonight, most of it was gone! Yay!

Having a yard sale was such a great experience and I would absolutely do it again. We met some really sweet people, made awesome money, spent the day with our friends, and purged our home of the things that we just don't need anymore. If you plan on having your own sale, I absolutely encourage you to come up with some clever advertising (i.e. FREE STUFF signs) to lure people in, and make sure you don't put your garbage out there--it turns people off. If you think it's crap, it is.

What is our reward for all this hard work being spent on, you ask? Well, I got a new pair of shoes for work. James is going to treat himself to some DVDs, and tomorrow we're going grocery shopping! How's that for exciting!? We're just really happy our planning and saving paid off so well, and that we had a great time doing it!

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