Friday, August 12, 2011

Day 2: what i wore

James and I just got home from a wonderful Mexican celebratory dinner. Why? Because today was my last day with the children...thank God! Not that I don't love them somewhere deep in my heart, but I was ready for this summer to end.

I've been spending the summer wearing boring shorts, tank-tops and "practical sandals"--no offense to the mommies out there, but I felt like a frumpy, boring mom. The thing is, most of the other moms at the pool looked better than me! So, there goes my comparison anyway!

At any rate, I am so excited to get back in the swing of wearing jewelry and cute outfits, doing my hair every morning, and investing more than 10 minutes in my morning routine.

And so, tonight, in preparation for my date tonight, I put on a new shirt (purchased today) and an old necklace that hasn't been worn in a very long time. And so, here's "what I wore" on Day Two:
I love turquoise, love the print on my top, and love my freckles! 

1 comment:

Mysterious M said...

that necklace is gorgeous. and i totally wish i had freckles!

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