Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

We had such a great Memorial Day weekend! The weather was beautiful, albeit a little hot for my liking, and we made the best of it by spending a lot of time outside and with friends.

Our BFFs, Tabitha and Don, bought a house at the beginning of the month and had a BBQ on Saturday afternoon. They have a great backyard and they are such good hosts--we love spending time at their new place. Here are some of my favorite pics from their BBQ...

 Grill-Master Don

 James, enjoying an amazing rice krispy treat

Watermelon vodka, literally...yum!

I think this is the one picture of us from the day...I guess it'll do!

James and Tab--best friends!

The Girls:)

The Boys

Tab's re-purposed jars lined the deck--so pretty and festive!

On Sunday, James helped Don fix Tabitha's car. Here he is working hard: 
Sunday evening James and I went to the Jericho Drive-In to see Pirates of the Caribbean. It was the perfect night and we pigged out on ice cream and popcorn!

Monday was sort of a lazy day, which we needed. It was so hot, all I wanted to do was lounge around all day, but James made me get up and be productive, which I am thankful for. I love fabulous long weekends!!

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