Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tuesday Morning

My schedule has been so off lately that I feel a little bit like I've been living in a daze for the past few weeks. This is part of the reason that I haven't been keeping up with my blog. There is a lot I want to talk about--lots of good changes happening in my life right now that I'm excited about! So, to catch you up, here's a little list of updates:

1. I'm going to be an aunt in October (which you already knew)...to a nephew!! James and Meg found out a few weeks ago that Beansprout is, in fact, a little man! We are all so excited!
2. Codie, my roommate of the past year, moved out last weekend:( Don't worry, nothing bad happened, it is just the end of our lease and her new place was ready for her to move in. She moved while I was away at Pat's graduation, so it was really weird to come home to a half-empty house.
3. I have a new roommate moving in with me for the month of June. She is an intern at Albany Med, and needed a place to live for a month--works out perfectly for me! I pick her up at the airport next Tuesday.
4. James and I are officially moving into our new apartment on July 15th! I can't wait to move out of this building--while it's nice, I have incredibly loud neighbors--and into a place that is a little more grown-up. The new place is also really spacious--so much so that I will have a little crafting space all to myself on our enclosed back porch. I am really excited about this!
5. I have my internship for next year all squared away and I am ready to start in August. I have to do some extra training since it is an Americore placement (even though I'm not in Americore), and I have some extra hours I need to complete, but I get a nice stipend throughout the year and a $2500 educational award at the end of the year which I can apply directly to my student loans.
6. This may sound silly to you, but I found a comforter for our new bed at Target for $18! If you know me, you know I love bedding. I happened to have liked this particular comforter for a really long time and happened upon it on Target.com one day on clearance! $18 for a $100 comforter! I had to order it, as there were none in stock at our local store, but even with shipping and handling it was a little over $30. I planned on making a duvet cover for James and I to put on our new bed, but the point of that was to save money--by the time I would have purchased the fabric and supplies, it would have been about the same price. Lesson for me: check out Target.com every once in a while for great deals!
7. I am almost done working for the family I've been cleaning/babysitting for since the fall. They are nice people, but their house is disgusting and their kids are really rude. I am very happy to be done working for them soon!
8. I will be with the C's again this summer--four kiddos and me! Unfortunately, they are moving some time this summer--could be any time, as their house is already on the market. Fortunately, they agreed to pay me for the entire summer regardless of when they move--sweet deal, right? I am really lucky to have worked for them. They are really good people and fun kids (most of the time) to work with.

I think that's the extent of my updates for now. I am making it a goal to get back on track this week, blogging at least every other day. So look for more of me soon!

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