Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sunday Thanks: Momma

    I could not let this Sunday pass without saying how thankful I am for my Momma. I know I'm biased, but she is hands-down the best mom in the world. Don't try to argue with with on that! :) Mom has been a mommy for most of her life at this point, and I do believe that it's the role she was born to play in life. She's not only a mom to us, but to every "little person" she meets.
Little me and my Momma 
     She has worked with toddlers for almost twenty years and, though she is not the "teacher" in the classroom, parents request her! See, they know how amazing she is too! She is not afraid to love and hug and kiss her babies, and she (with my dad, of course) is the reason that the four of us kids are such lovey people.
 My momma is also incredibly giving of her time and resources. She knows what it is to be blessed in so many ways, and she is the first person to share her blessings with others. She volunteers her time within our church and community. She takes a week out of her summer to go on a mission trip with a group of high school students. She is the first to write a check for a family in need or make a donation to a charity or fundraiser. Everyone who meets my mom notices right away how warm and inviting she is. Our home has always been a place that all are welcome to visit and enjoy. Most of my friends and the kids Mom works with call her Mommy D., and that's what she is. She is everyone's mom. On top of it all, my mom is talented, beautiful and (dare I say) sexy. She carries herself beautifully, takes care of her health and her body, and is an all around classy lady. I love her more and more every day and every year. And as I continue to grow up and prepare for the years ahead when I will become a wife and mother, I am so thankful that I will have my Momma, my best friend, at my side.

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Michal said...

I love your mommy too; my Aunt Eileen. I was always envious of your Mom and how utterly apparent her love for the four of you was. She new what foods you liked and how to take care of your sunburns, and though she was always there for Megan and I, it was just never the same. I love my Mom to death too but she's not that kind of Mom, she would have been just as happy without kids. I guess what I'm trying to say is your really lucky to have the Mom that you have and that you recognize it.
I miss you Jen and I wish I was around everyone more. It's just so painful to be a part of the Dunseith family when your own father has made it perfectly clear, on more than one occasion, that he doesn't want you in his life. I miss the heck out of everyone and think of you all daily (no lie). I wish more than ANYTHING that I was part of the family again. It's really hard being your own entity in a family this large, especially since I've been away for so long. I didn't even know that James and Meg were expecting until I read these blogs of yours. Anyway, I love you and hope to see you sometime this summer.
xoxox Michal

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