Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I've seen this on both Angie and Jenn's blogs, and I thought it would be fun since I am stuck in bed today because I pulled out my back. Here goes...

Current Book
Animal Farm--absolutely loving this classic which, surprisingly, I've never read!
Current Playlist
My iTunes Genius Indie Pop mix

Current Color (they're talking about nailpolish)
I'm a natural nails kind of gal, but I'm getting my toes done tonight, so maybe I'll go for a color..I'll report back!

Current Drink
Lots and lots of water!
Current Food
Nature Valley Fruit and Nut Bars
Current Favorite Show
Just watched the season finale of Glee. I thought it was really well done for a show that sometimes pisses me off. I feel good about how they wrapped up the season.
Current Wishlist
A new digital camera. Not that there is anything wrong with mine--I just want a really fancy one. But, they are super expensive, so it will be staying on my wishlist for a while!
Current Needs
My power cord for my computer. It's just in the other room, but that requires getting out of bed which is proving difficult...

Current Triumphs
Getting an awesome deal on a new queen size mattress for our new apartment! Can't wait for it to be delivered on Friday!

Current Bane of My Existence
My stupid back!! This is the worst week to have pulled it out. I am missing work and have a ton to do around my own house that I can't get done--and you know how that drives me CRAZY!

Current Celeb Crush
Tom Hanks--I just saw a preview for a new movie with him and Julia Roberts and I remembered how adorable he, I don't care that he could be my father!
Current #1 Blessing
As much as it's driving me crazy, the ability to stay home today and rest my back.

Current Indulgence
Ice cream! I have been eating so much ice cream lately. But I won't keep it in the house...I think I've gone out of ice cream 3 times in the past week though.
Current Outfit
Halloween pj pants and a tee-shirt...good thing I'm alone...this is not a pretty sight!

Current Excitement
We are moving in about a month and a half! So excited to be in a new place and live with my James!

Current Mood

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