Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ridiculous, yet Funny

Have you ever been to Absolutely hilarious! I was laughing so hard last night in my living room that Codie (my roomie) had to ask if everything was okay. I think the dads are the are some of my favorites:

DAD: ok. I would love for you to come home but I understand that it just doesn’t happen sometimes. Bought a wheel barow today for home. Pretty excited about that.

      ME: I’m coming home this weekend!
      DAD: Yes… So is your sister. This is not an intervention is it?

      DAD: Subway instead need to get d and c food
      ME: D and c food?
      DAD: Y, B, and B
      ME: What? Abbreviations are not for every word in the language
      DAD: Dogs and Cat
      ME: haha okay
      DAD: If you loved them you’d know their abbreviations


          ruthy ann said...

          I laugh reading through my own texts sometimes! but this is pretty funny!

          Anonymous said...

          These are BRILLIANT. I love the wheelbarrow one especially, that's something my dad would say! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. I like the way you've set out yours. Gorgeous.

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