Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Clean Bowl

I really like to wash dishes. Sometimes I let them pile up too much, and then I'm not always thrilled to get started, but once I do I always enjoy it and feel good to see the dirty dishes in the sink turn into clean dishes in my dish-rack.

Almost every time I wash the dishes, I'm reminded of something my priest, Fr. Chris, said many years ago. It was during a homily and I can't remember the context, but he talked about how when you wash the inside of a bowl, the outside is also made clean. I remember when I first heard him say that, I planned to go home and pay attention when I washed a dirty dish. Sure enough, Chris was right. As I scrubbed the inside of a dirty bowl, the suds and warm water ran over the outside and also made it clean.

The reason that Fr. Chris brought this up was to compare the dirty bowl to us. When we clean our insides and improve ourselves spiritually, mentally and emotionally, our outsides are also cleansed and made more beautiful. I know this to be true because of all of the spiritually healthy people I have met who are beautiful and glowing on the outside. I notice it with myself too. When I am at peace with life and with God, my hair falls a little nicer, my complexion is a little clearer, and the people around me notice my internal peace on my outsides.

It is so easy to think about how we can make ourselves look better on the outside. We think that a new haircut and new makeup and a new dress will fix everything. But, ultimately, it is who we are that matters more than the way we look. Don't get me wrong, I love to dress up and do my hair and makeup, and I get wrapped up in the latest fashions and trends. But, I cannot forget that, while those around me might judge me for how I look, God cares about my heart and soul and the good things I do with my life. I challenge you (and me, too!) to spend a little more time preening your insides, and see where it takes you!

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