Sunday, March 6, 2011

"Sunday Thanks": Lazy Sundays

At this stage of my life, I hardly ever have a lazy Sunday. And by lazy, I am not necessarily referring to unproductive and couch-potato-ish. I mean no real plans, a time to catch up on reading or sleep, making a nice dinner...that kind of "lazy" (which is really what I wish every day could be like). At any rate, James and I hardly have these kind of Sundays because we like to travel on the weekends or tend to use them to do school work, laundry, housework, etc. But today was different, and lovely. We went to Mass, which always gets the day off on the right foot. Then we went out to breakfast (sort of spur of the moment idea, and something we haven't done in a while). After that we came back to my apartment and got some things ready for my birthday party that is happening in two weeks (!), I took a little snooze while James watched TCM (his favorite), and then we went to the grocery store. After that we delivered a birthday cake and presents to our friend Don. The day ended with me taking a trip to the gym, James making us a delicious chicken korma, rice and naan feast served alongside an episode of The Waltons, and then vegging on the couch. I did a little bit of school work, and I probably should have done more, but I got so into the pace of the day that I decided relaxation was a little more important than finishing a paper that I really only need a focused hour to complete.

So the lesson is: when you have a lazy Sunday, take it! There are only 52 chances a year and they pass all too quickly without us taking advantage of their wonderfulness! Hope you had a restful Sunday and are ready to seize the week ahead!

P.S. Just so you know, every Sunday I want to write about how thankful I am for James. I know, I'm a mush, I just love him so much and there are never enough ways to say it!

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