Monday, January 10, 2011

Reconnecting with Mary

 My sister, Kaitlin, gave me a book for Christmas called Our Lady of Kibeho. It is the amazing story of some young visionaries in Kibeho, Rwanda who experienced visions of Our Lady. The author, Immaculee Ilibagiza grew up in Rwanda and was young when the visions began. Her already existing love for Christ and the Virgin Mother was renewed and enhanced as she began to learn more about the visions and the visionaries. I am only about half way through the book, but it has been captivating. Reading her story has revived my own connection with Mary and I have vowed to begin praying the Rosary a few times a week. Eventually, I'd like to pray it every day, and there's no reason I can't, but I've decided to start with an achievable goal and move up from there.
In Kibeho, Mary taught a special Rosary to one of the visionaries, and Kaitlin also gave me this Rosary of the Seven Sorrows to learn to pray. The Rosary was made in Rwanda and came in a peace basket. This basket is woven by women from both the Hutus and Tutsis, the two tribes in Rwanda who have traditionally not gotten along. Weaving the baskets encourages community and peace among the women and the tribes.

No matter where you are in your faith journey, I encourage you to read Our Lady of Kibeho by Immaculee Ilibagiza. Her beautiful writing and straightforward account will certainly inspire you.

A shrine to Our Lady of Kibeho, Mother of the Word, now exists in Kibeho.

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