Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thursday 13: Favorite Snacks

Ah, I am late getting my Thursday 13 ready! Sorry! It has been a crazy week (more on that later), and a crazy morning! I started working on my list last night, but I just finished it. This week's topic is favorite snacks. In no particular order (and with a little regard to health):

1. Pretzels. Duh.
Source: via Debra on Pinterest

Don't you love this pretzel painting?

2. Dried fruit. Expensive, but worth it. Maybe I will steal my mother-in-law's fruit drying thingy--what do they call those things?
Source: via Jack on Pinterest

3. Banana with peanut butter. All time favorite, especially in place of bad-for-me goodies that I am trying to stay away from.

4. Granola bars. I like the crunchy ones that make lots of crumbs!

5. Trail mix. Granola, raisins and M&Ms: done!

Just like my Momma made it!

6. Cheese. Another duh. If you don't like cheese, we can't be friends.

I love it ALL!

7. Kisses. Made of chocolate, that is.

8. Fresh fruit. Except apples. I'm sick of apples.
Source: via Rowan on Pinterest

9. Yogurt. I mix vanilla with frozen berries.

10. Chocolate milk. Filling. Sort of nutritious. Good substitute for the brownie I am craving.
Source: via Angelica on Pinterest

11. Oatmeal. Sometimes it's all I need to fill my belly until the next meal. To bad it's supposed to actually be a meal.

12. Carrots. Dipped in something delicious. Like blue cheese dressing. Or it's healthier cousin, hummus.

13. Ice cream. A third duh. And the death of me. Oh, ice cream, I love you.
Source: via Cindy on Pinterest

My favorite!! 

Go check out what Chloe's favorite snacks are, and link up!

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Tara Morgan said...

Cheese and Ice Cream! Genius.

Jamie said...

Awesome list! All this food talk is making me hungry!!!

<3 Jamie

thecoffeehouse said...

we go through two bags (big bags) of pretzels a week. i can not go a day without eating them.

Victoria said...

oh boy i love all of those food items too :)

that ice cream cone is so calling my name lol

cute blog!!

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