Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thursday 13

This week's Thursday 13 is: Things that people do that I love. I know, that is sort of an awkward way of expressing this sentiment, and I tried to find another way, but to no avail! I think you'll get it when you read my list.

I love it when...

babies smile at strangers

older people think they are whispering something about
someone else, but they're really not.

people sing along to songs playing in the store

people put their phones away and pay attention to what is going
on right around them

people hold the door for each other

people aren't afraid to laugh out loud, even if they are the only one.

people trip (and don't hurt themselves) and are able to laugh about it

people forgive each other

kids learn something new

babies and kids snuggle up in your lap

husbands or boyfriends reach for their partner's hand, just
because they want to hold it

people have a sense of humor about themselves and don't mind being teased

I get a nice email (or comment on my blog..wink wink) from a
friend or family member

Aunie Sauce

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