Sunday, April 15, 2012

They call me mellow yellow...

Surprise! You get a second post today! I couldn't make you wait to see our new living room color! As you remember, a few weeks ago James and I moved a bunch of furniture around in our apartment. Well, this inspired us to finally get going on some painting that we have been meaning to do since...well, for a long time!

So, yesterday we finally made it happen! We wanted something neutral, but not your standard beige since we have a brown couch, beige rug and brown curtains. I mentioned yellow, but could not put my finger on the exact yellow that would work. Yellow is a tricky color and it can end up looking too bright. Finally, on Friday night, James' globe inspired me! It is an antique color--beige-ish, but sort of yellow. Perfect!

We picked out the color on Saturday morning. For those of you interested, it is Behr's Cream Yellow. We painted all day; it needed two full coats and touch-ups. Then we went out for a few last minute decor pieces, and voila!



We finally framed some art we've been lying around!  Now we have a great gallery wall!

 The clock and sconces are new additions

How does this panorama work? I thought it would be cool to try!

I hope you like what we've done! We LOVE it!


Maggie B. said...

beautiful! i love yellow rooms! :) i wish i had walls i could paint, but since we live in a log cabin the outside of our house looks the same as the inside! logs!

Erin said...

What a pretty color!! I love it!! :)

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