Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New Eyes!

I finally got to the eye doctor on Saturday and ordered some new glasses to replace my pair that was all scratched up.

What do ya think?

I haven't had dark plastic-frame glasses in a long time...I think since freshman year of college...but I wanted to go back to them for a while, and I'm glad I did. I also got a second pair for only $89 that are really similar to my old pair, because I like that style a lot, too. I'll debut those when they come in, but they are not quite as exciting. 

For a day that started kind of crappily--Cuddles pooping on the guest bed, me freaking out about life and having a temper tantrum (yup, that still happens)--it ended really nicely with new glasses, a tasty dinner prepared by James, clean laundry and, in a little while, some Bible reading with my man. 

Life is good. I know this to be true even in the midst of my trials.


Jessica said...

I really like them! They look great on you! :)

j-tony said...

New glasses can be fun. Plus I'm sure you can see better now. Both my daughters went to the eye doctor just today and got new frames. Cool.

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