Sunday, January 1, 2012

I haven't done this since I was a kid...

...Made resolutions, that is. But, the start of a new year does seem like a good time to take inventory of your life and see how you might improve yourself and your character. So, I suppose I'll jump on the bandwagon this year and make a few resolutions that I think I can actually achieve. Because nothing is worse than feeling like a failure before you even get started!

1. This is so cliche, but I really do want to lose some weight and get healthier. No, I don't think I'm a huge, ugly person. But, the reality is that I am carrying around about 15 extra pounds that my body was probably not built to carry, and I need to get in shape and get healthy. Around this time last year, I joined a gym and was doing really well! But, in June, I pulled my back out and was, by doctor's orders, not allowed to work out. Well, that got me out of the swing of things and into bad habits and...6 months later, I've been to the gym once and it was awful. Needless to say, I'd like to start going again, but also supplementing with some exercise that I can do at home (since it is unrealistic for me to go to the gym more than about two times a week, at least at this point in my life). So, that resolution #1, and a big one, I know, but it is important to me and I hope it will rub off on James too!

Maybe we'll try this to get us motivated:

2. Talk less, say more. I have a book of proverbs with this title, and I always liked it. How do you talk less and say more? I've always admired those quiet people who say a lot with only a few words. And, while I know I'll never be one of them, I'd like to try to learn from them and use my words more wisely so as to relay more meaning with everything I say.

3. Get back to the Word. I am so lazy about reading scripture, and even about my relationship with God. It's so easy to take it for granted, put it on the back burner, say that you'll do it tomorrow....the list goes on! But, I really want to get right and get tight with my God again! So, the Bible is going next to my bed, the quest for a good devotional is on, and I am going to do my best to put as much energy into my relationship with God as I do so many other less important things.

I also have some 2012 goals/things I am looking forward to accomplishing:
1. Graduating from graduate school!
2. Finding a job I love.
3. Planning a kick-butt wedding and reception!
4. Marrying my best friend and becoming a wife!! Wahoo!!!!
5. Learning to become a better sewer.
6. Buying a new camera--not as fancy as I had planned, but a new toy nonetheless.
7. Building some really great new friendships and working on existing relationships.
8. Getting pregnant...too soon? Maybe, but I won't complain if it happens! Should I have waited until 2013 for this one...? ;)

At any rate, enough about me (though this is my blog), and more importantly for you: 
Have a wonderful, happy, healthy, joyous, blessed New Year!!! 

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j-tony said...

Good Luck on your resolutions.

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