Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Entertainment Book

I have to brag about something. It's sort of silly. But it's also sort of awesome. I went on a $10 date with one of my friends on Monday night. Do you want to know how?

I am pretty psyched about all of the ways that I can save using the coupons in this book. The other night, we had burritos for dinner at a burrito joint downtown, and then each had an ice cream cone at Ben and Jerry's. And we each spent only $10!
Honestly, it doesn't get much better than that, especially when you're on a super tight budget, like me! But, even if you're not on a tight budget, you can save some serious bucks while trying out new placing and enjoying old favorites. James and I use the movie ticket coupons--we save $4 on two adult tickets! There are coupons for retail stores, services (like car wash, mechanics, dry cleaning), museums, entertainment...the list goes on!

I don't usually go on and on about this sort of thing, but this bad boy has already paid for itself and them some! And it's only January! I can't leave you without also mentioning the following. These books are often sold as a fundraiser--I bought mine from our local AIDS Foundation. So, not only am I saving money now, but my initial investment went to a worthy cause. And I believe even if you buy the book online from their website, you can donate some of the proceeds toward a local cause--don't quote me on that, but look into it if you decide to buy!
Pretty excited about ice cream, Ben and Jerry's cows, and all our savings!!!

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momnextdoor said...

I'm so bad at using coupons! It doesn't help that I don't have any stores near me! But good for you! Yay for saving money AND for ice cream!!

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