Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Holiday Traditions: Part 4

I hope you're enjoying hearing about all of these holiday traditions. When I read the post written for today by Jenn (another Jenn with two n's!), it made me happy because James and I have already started a tradition very similar to this! Jenn's blog is another that I just started reading, and she is new to the blogosphere, so make sure you check her out and give her some support!

 Hey everyone! I'm also a Jenn, my blog is Passenger Seat Perspectives, and I'm delighted to be writing my first guest post here on What's Mine Is Yours.
 I'm a newlywed - going on one and a half years - and we're still working on what our own family traditions will be. My family, however, had a tradition that I loved - every year we would each add a new Christmas ornament to our tree. Not just any ornament, but something that represented a favorite memory from the past year. I have Christmas ornaments I've had from when I was a baby up through college.

Here's one of my first Christmas ornaments ever

This one I made in Sunday School

My grandmother (who passed away a few years ago) gave me this one in 2001

In high school I was a theatre nerd, and my mom gave me this one after I was the lead in my school play

Every year, I loved decorating the Christmas tree and thinking of all the memories - it's like a giant scrapbook! I nearly cried last year when my mom gave me my ornaments to decorate my Christmas tree with my husband. So now, as then, even though our tree is more of a hodgepodge of different things rather than classy, glamorous decorations, I have a tree full of memories that I will one day get to share with my own family.


Jennifer Fabulous said...

This is such a sweet guest post, Jenn! :)

I, personally, think hodgepodge Christmas trees are so much more special than the generic-looking glamorous ones found in department stores or magazines. After all, those don't contain heartfelt memories!

Plus, I think the assortment of Christmas ornaments give the tree a more colorful and comforting vibe.

I think it's cool you have so many ornaments that have a special meaning to you. And now you and your hubby can start purchasing ornaments that represent your life together! :D

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

I love ornaments with special meaning, they're so sweet.

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