Wednesday, October 26, 2011

my hand hurts and my sweet tooth is disappointed

I'm on campus right now. I just finished eating a tasty sandwich, prepared by James, and a juicy green pear. But, I was still in need of a little something sweet, so I scrounged my change purse for $1.25 and set my sights on a bag of peanut M&Ms from the vending machine. I'm sure you can guess the rest of my sad tale. My M&Ms got stuck and wouldn't fall down the slot. I gave the machine a few good bangs with the heel of my hand--to no avail. So now I have a tingly hand and an even more intense desire for peanut M&Ms.

Not surprisingly, I was having second thoughts about whether I should get myself a treat in the first place. You see, I've been paying little attention to what I've been eating lately. Case in point: we bought a package of Oreos on Sunday. James ate 6. The package is empty. You do the math. So, did I need M&Ms today? Definitely not! Do I still want them? Definitely yes! Is this a sign that I need to stop eating crap whenever I want to? I'm sure of it. Darn--I've been caught! I'm going to work on it. I am. I'll start right after tonight's dessert.


momnextdoor said...

Darn you! Now I want peanut M&M's RIGHT NOW! I will probably try to convince myself I don't need to walk to the building that has the vending machine and instead open my desk drawer and eat the Swedish Fish I have in there (or the chocolate covered pretzels)(or the Hershey Nuggets)(or the Cadbury Easter eggs)(yes, left over from Easter)(or the pretzel sticks)(or hell, even the cough drops!) But you know I will end up eating all of those and then still walking over to get the M&M's.

In other news, I don't know why I can't lose the last 10 pounds left over from when I had my daughter. It's just stubborn!

Jennifer said...

Haha...if I had a drawer like that it would never be full!

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