Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Academic Writer's Block

Source: None via Jennifer on Pinterest

Every semester, there is one paper that my brain just resists writing. I've reached that paper in this semester. To make matters worse, the class during which it was due was canceled last night, so my plan to write the paper yesterday and hand it in last night was a royal debacle! Hence, I am still working on writing my paper tonight (after I told myself I would do it this morning). I'm starting to wonder how many times I can push it off! A few minutes ago, I told myself that tonight is the night! ... but I'm having second thoughts. The wonderful thing about finishing this paper (eventually) is that, then, I will have met my semester quota for one paper that I just cannot convince myself to write (but eventually do). So, until approximately February, this "blocked" writer bids you adieu.

1 comment:

momnextdoor said...

I LOVE that cartoon!!! Love it!!!!!

Since it's been a few days I hope you have overcome the wretchedness that is writers block!

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