Sunday, August 28, 2011

from a my bag

 Day 13: from a distance
{Fire Island Lighthouse through the mist}

Day 14: flowers
{along the boardwalk}

 Day 15: my shoes
{sand is the only acceptable footwear on the island}

 Day 16: what i ate
{taco salad}

 Day 17: on the shelf
{Little House on the Prairie--the entire boxed set, for my enjoyment}

Day 18: in my bag
{on any given day--the essentials}


momnextdoor said...

I can't even begin to describe how much I love your shoes/feet picture! So many levels I love that! (No, I don't have a foot fetish, I'm mainly talking about how I can't stop laughing at your tan lines!)

Jennifer said...

I totally understand you loving my feet pictures..I have beautiful feet! Haha, I hope you realize in the picture of my feet above, the white part is mostly sand, not really a tan line..that would be frightening! This summer's sandal tan lines are nothing compared to summers past!

Thanks for all of your comments--it's time I show you some love too!

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