Wednesday, August 24, 2011

And we're off!

To Fire Island, that is! James and I will be joining the rest of my family at our family home on Fire Island for the rest of the week (or until the hurricane kicks us off). So, needless to say, you will not see me here again until Sunday when we return. Because who needs a computer screen when you've got sunscreen? And ocean. And sand. And brothers. And sisters. And porches. And bikes. And lighthouses. And...get it?

In the meantime, however, you have a few jobs to do:
1. Check out my guest post at Atlantic Atlantis. Sarah is also on vacation and asked me to be a contributor. Note to self: do this next time I go away!

2. Spend some time enjoying my friend Kelli's new blog. Not only is she a great and entertaining writer, she actually has a practical blog full of awesome looking recipes. Kelli and I have been friends since high school and she's one of my bests, so if you don't visit her I'll kick your butt!

3. Consider supporting Ashley at The Shine Project. She is doing a lot of really great things in her neighborhood and city, and she has ways that you can help! I just bought two shine necklaces from her (one for me and one for my sister) whose proceeds go toward scholarships for her high school students.

4. Get off the computer and go outside! This is the best time of year (in my opinion), and you should enjoy the crisp air, breezes and wonderful sunshine.

Adios, amigos!


chrissy said...

found your blog through 'atlantic atlantis'. fantastic post!


Ruthy said...

Love the list from the guest post and I would have to agree with number 6 on your list.


momnextdoor said...

Have a wonderful vacation! Put on some sunscreen for me! (Does that sound creepy? Sorry.)

Kelli Gardner said...

Thanks for the shout-out! Hope you are having a great time on Fire Island - I hope the hurricane doesn't put too much of a damper on your vacation!

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