Sunday, February 13, 2011

"Sunday Thanks": Girls Night

 I love spending time with some good women in my life, sharing laughs, acting dumb (I'm really good at that), and even getting a little crafty! Last night we broke out the jewelry supplies and combined resources to come up with some really great designs. So this morning, after less sleep than I require, I am thankful for girls night because eight hours of sleep can't rejuvenate you like an evening spent with girlfriends.

I have to show off our creations, of course!

 Tabitha made this necklace using a vintage earring as the center pendant and a really pretty combination of beads strung onto wire.

 Tabitha models her second necklace--we liked that it was simple, but funky.

 Michele models a set she made using these wooden circle pendants--we both love the combination of brown and blue!

 Michele made this necklace as a gift for her mom's birthday--nice combination of colors with a little pop at the clasp.

 This pearl and blue glass beads combination was made by me--two strands that I decided to twist together!

 This funky little number was made with a vintage earring as pendant on a dramatically long string of pearls (I'm wearing it today with a black shirt, and it looks great!)

This vintage pin with needlepoint detail just needed a chain, and voila!

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Laura Cox said...

Aww lovely!

Wish I was crafty! lol :)




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