Wednesday, February 16, 2011

As promised... is my really easy tutorial for making a new-sew fleece blanket. I made this one about a week and a half ago as a gift for my favorite girl, my cousin Jennie. She is five, and has been my little buddy since the day she was born.

You will need:
1.5 yards each of two complimentary fleeces
a pair of good fabric scissors
a ruler
a piece of scrap cardboard

1. Lay out your two pieces of fabric with the "good" side of the fleece facing out on both sides. You'll be able to tell what the "good" side is based on the sharpness of the image (if there is one) and the feel of the fleece.
2. Use a piece of cardboard (I used a piece of a cereal box) to make a template for cutting your strips. Mine was 1" by 4", which is pretty standard for these blankets.
3. Cut a 4" by 4" square in each corner of the fleece. Notice, you are cutting both pieces of fleece at the same time.
4. Start cutting 4" strips all the way around the blanket. Use your template so that each strip is about 1" wide. Your cuts will not be perfect, so don't go too crazy trying to make them so. Once the blanket is done, you'll never know!
5. When you have all of your strips cut, all the way around the blanket, it's time to start tying. Tie the two pieces of fleece together one strip at a time. I use a regular double knot, but feel free to experiment--anything goes!

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