Thursday, January 27, 2011

Nature Moment

 I was on my way to clean for one of my families this morning and spotted this beautiful creature. At first I thought it was a fox, but he was too big. I thought, "A wolf?" and decided to snap a few pictures. (Upon closer examination, it's obvious he's a coyote). He was just trotting across this empty corn field and...

...when I started taking his picture he actually turned around, sat down for a few minutes, and then just stood there as if to say, "Go ahead, I know I'm beautiful, take my picture." It was an awesome moment of peacefulness--just he and I enjoying a winter sunrise.

I am so blessed to have the convenience and excitement of city living but still be so close to places like this.

1 comment:

ruthy ann said...

hey...just wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog!

what an amazing shot you got...just beautiful!

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